A Special Thanks to...

Donald Freed


I am deeply indebted to my long-time professor and mentor Donald Freed, who inspired me to write The Zen of Jen and so willingly devoted hours of his time, effort and wisdom, bringing depth, insight and humor to the contents of the play. My life has been forever changed by meeting Donald and his wife Patty whose Saturday Seminar has forever enriched my life. www.donaldfreed.com

Katerina Tana


Thank you so much to Katerina Tana  who spent countless hours directing and helping me deepen the characters and content in the play. (katerinatanaactor.com)

Terry Silberstein


I am very lucky to have my sister, Terry Silberstein accompany me during The Zen of Jen with her restorative and healing Sound Bath. Terry uses crystal and Tibetan bowls, Buffalo drums, and percussion instruments to compliment the storyline, meditations, incantations and social commentary in the play.


Melita Silberstein


To my brilliant, talented sister, Melita Silberstein whose deep, reflective music transcends our times, serving as a lyrical meditation for our turbulent and chaotic world. (www.melitamusic.com) 

Jake Joyner


Thank you so much to my dear son Jake who stepped up to become my Stage Manager, expertly handling all the programming of the music and lights in the Zen of Jen. 

Dylan Port


Thank you so much to Dylan Port who stepped up late in the game to assist with the lights and music for the Zen of Jen. Not only is Dylan a pro at Stage Management, he is also a budding pilot and am sure will be able to navigate a plane just about anywhere!

Lily Joyner



To my dearest Lily, who inspires me to become more of my zen-like self, who beholds the world through the eyes of a child beyond her years. Thank you for helping me memorize my lines, for all your help with stage props, for making me laugh on a daily basis and helping me cherish each and every moment.

Jeff Joyner


Thank-you to my husband, Jeff Joyner who has "lived the questions" with me, and been my life-partner, raising our three beautiful children while supporting me with my creative endeavors. 

Bella Joyner



Thank you my dearest Bella for always showing independence and practicality toward everything she does and for her wisdom, intuition and sociability. Thank you for selling tickets at the play and for your love, maturity and sweetness. 

Dr. Mike Silberstein


To my one-of-a-kind dad who taught me at a young age to always see and hear others no matter what their circumstance.  "Dr. Mike," a radiologist, pilot and true humanitarian has always helped those in need, including animals and insects, who have no voice. Dr. Mike is featured in the Zen of Jen play as the a person who always sees and hears others in need. Thank you for believing in me since I was a little girl and always helping me soar to new heights! 

Patty Freed


To my dear friend Patty for her endless support, love, mentorship and friendship. Thank you for believing in me and my creative writing projects over the years.  And thank you for encouraging me to write and perform The Zen of Jen.

Laraine Silberstein


To my dearest mom, "Laraine" or "Mama Tutu" - an intellectual, social worker, artist and wise-woman. Thank you for your never-ending love, understanding and support in my creative endeavors. You are the rock of our family and the sagacious, erudite voice featured in The Zen of Jen play. 


Dorothy Sinclair


Thank you so much to my dear friend Dorothy who took time in the early stages of writing the Zen of Jen play to read the script and offer her invaluable suggestions.