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About The Zen of Jen


The Performer

Dr. Jenni Silberstein is a licensed psychotherapist and the owner of the Center for Creative Psychology, a private practice in Los Angeles which helps clients transform and thrive. Learn more about her practice at


The Characters

All characters' that were created and performed in The Zen of Jen are completely fictional, serving as composites or examples of common psychological challenges experienced in today's world. 


The Mindful Approach

Not only is Dr. Jenni a psychotherapist, she is also a writer, artist, actor and meditation teacher, bringing mindful approaches to everything she does. 

Meet the Characters



An immigrant from Russia who fears she will never meet a man and will end up living with her mother.

Veekshit and Ahuja

An Indian couple in an arranged marriage who are miserable in their relationship and worry they will never experience love or find connection. 


A self-declared white supremicisit who tells Dr. Jenni how much she hates Jewish people, not realizing Dr. Jenni is Jewish. 


A recently divorced New Yorker who suddenly experiences a taste of freedom and wonders how this will change her perspective of the world. 


An elderly colleague who asks Dr. Jenni her opinion about planning her own funeral. 


South African Childhood

Born in Johannesbug, South Africa

Dr. Jenni was born in Johannesburg, South African in 1970 at the height of Apartheid. She immigrated to St. Louis, Missouri in 1977, growing up in the heart of middle America. Her and her older sister Terry, assimilated to America, losing their South African accents while endlessly making fun of her parents. Her mother Laraine, a psychiatric social worker provided the whole family with endless entertainment with her one-of-a-kind intellectual viewpoints and accounts of her colorful life experiences.

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Dr. Jenni draws upon her South African childhood as the backdrop for her day-to-day life as a psychotherapist and mother of three in West Los Angeles. Each client moves the audience closer to their own catharsis and truth. 

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Dr. Jenni Silberstein takes you through a journey of the day-to-day life of a psychotherapist and her patients while remembering her own childhood growing up in South Africa. 


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